List Of The Top Event Venues In Melbourne

Australia, the country known for its beautiful landscapes and exotic animals is one of the most dreamt of countries to visit. In addition to the breathtaking sunshine, the country also boasts of many multinational companies and foreign visitors thereby helping to promote the revenue growth of the country.

Why Choose Melbourne?

Melbourne might be the most appropriate city to hold an award night, a conference or a community gathering.
Melbourne is one of the biggest cities in the country opted for organising many events ranging from small parties to corporate dinners. Here is the list of some of the top-rated venues that most of them prefer to conduct any events.

The Most Sought Out Event Venues in Melbourne

Backlot Studios

Want to get rid of the busy city life? Backlot Studios is the ideal place which is in a calm place in South Melbourne. It is a place for small function and private cinema that offers luxurious seating for 90-100 people. This private cinema space is not only used for feature films but is also being used for other sports and video gaming events.

Art Series Hotel Penthouses

Thought of having a penthouse party? Art Series Hotel Penthouses, Prahran offers the best venue for penthouse party in the town, having adjoining rooms for extra space. It can accommodate up to 300 people offering the most exotic view of the city from the sky.

The Kelvin Club

This historic club which is one of the most sought out function space in Melbourne CBD is ideal for hosting various live music performances. Once a men’s club that was established 150 years ago, it still preserves the vintage touch and feels. It offers function space that can fit 200 people.

The Pop Up Patch

Surrounded by lush greenery and delicious food, the Pop Up Patch is an entirely edible garden located in Melbourne CBD. It offers the fantastic view of the Melbourne skyline along with function spaces for various events and has flexible spaces for 200 people.

Luna Park

Looking for fun and amusement for your event? There is nothing else other than the hiring a venue at Luna Park in Melbourne that can offer you the ideal recipe for fun and vigour. No doubt that Luna Park being an impressive place filled with many attraction and rides, it also provides function spaces to launch many events that can fit up to 550 people.

Meat Market

Meat Market, once a large heritage site built in 1880, features heritage buildings loaded with history and characters. Being a huge place, it is ideal for hosting large events that can accommodate up to 500 people.
Thus, Melbourne, the city filled with bustling restaurants and hidden gems, has always been on the top list for every event planner. No matter the event is big or small, traditional or modern, the venues in Melbourne are indeed eye-catching. All you need to check is just the right time to plan the event.

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